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Students bounce back and forth to class, dining hall, dorm, meetings, library, sports, etc. all day long. They may get up early and stay up late to get it all done. It takes some getting used to, but busy as they are, most of our students come to appreciate the freedom they have to manage their own time.

Management Club

By joining a Management Club, Students are encouraged to take ownership for their initiatives, to facilitate extra-curricular and co-curricular learning activities, to initiate activities that provide experiential learning to them leading to enhanced creativity and necessary management skills.

Club activities assist students to cultivate a sense of unity and working with others in reaching the same goals. Students develop social skills: Clubs facilitate students to meet, mix, and work together with other students from different backgrounds in a diverse environment.

After School

Extra-Curricular Activities are a part of the education system where students indulge themselves in another way of learning outside their textbooks. They contribute to boosting one's self-confidence and overall personal development. It is not necessary that it only includes your hobbies. Today, becoming an environmentalist is the best choice from personal as well as social perspectives.

Life after school is filled with challenges, opportunities, choices, decisions and ambitions. There is a lot in life beyond school; you just have to have the courage to take that first step. New friends, new curriculum, profession, marriage etc all are experienced only when one comes out of school.

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